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tcarvey10 2015.03.07 18:53 

I am a new person to EA and have been playing around with back testing an EA i found.  I have got it to the position now where i want to REVERSE the buy and sell instructions in the EA -  so where currently it is set up to buy then i want to change that to sell short and where it is set up to sell short currently i want to change it to buy.  I want to reverse the EA model .  So.... is someone able to help me please if i send the code to them as i do not know how to do it. 



Snelle Moda
Snelle Moda 2015.03.11 14:44  


Why don't you use the same code for reversing the trade from buy to sell or vice versa.

Your EA then closes the first position and with the second trade opening a new position in the opposite direction.


mastnak 2015.03.12 19:50  

For understand, you have EA with different code for Buy and Sell? If not, what you want to change. Do you have source code?

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