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A sneak peek into AI based HFT trading strategies

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kaushikqi 2015.02.26 12:15 
High Frequency trading uses complex algorithms to analyze markets and cutting-edge technological tools achieve fastest speed in implementation. In this webinar, we will learn how machine learning techniques can help us design better trading strategies. We will learn about alpha in trading and how we can extract it by applying the knowledge about the market structure and order flow. We will also understand how to use machine learning for predicting asset paths. The webinar is open to everyone who has interest in understanding the high frequency trading and using Artificial Intelligence for trading.

Instructor - Sameer Kumar
Sameer is a director and faculty at QuantInsti. In Executive Programme in Algorithmic Trading, he teaches students to build the low latency systems as well as strategies involving artificial intelligence. Sameer has been leading the infrastructure development team along with the low latency programming division at iRageCapital Advisory Private Ltd for more than 5 years now.

Date - 27th February 2015
Time - 6:00PM IST

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