Where did the top 1 signal go? (I won't name it so as not to advertise it)

Roman Vashchilin  
I went through the signals and did not see this account, which was all these years top 1, where did it go?
Vyacheslav Kornev  
Into oblivion. With a drawdown of half of the depo
Roman Vashchilin  

=( Sadly, I thought he'd recover the signal somehow, he's been on top of it for so long.

Alexey Volchanskiy  
Vyacheslav Kornev:
Into oblivion. With a half-deposit.

Couldn't find it on the search, has it closed down or something?

Evgeny Belyaev  
Alexey Volchanskiy:

Couldn't find him on the search, did he even close down?

It's not closed, it's in a 32% drawdown now. Use Gosha or Yasha, they can help you find it.

Maxim Dmitrievsky  

My prophecy came true, statistically a maximum of 3 years live monitoring, and that's rare :) All the more from the interview it was clear that the man is just an assiduous, but does not understand anything in trading, trades on the guesswork

I got hooked accidentally

Alexey Volchanskiy  
Evgeny Belyaev:

It hasn't closed, it's now in a 32% drawdown. Use Gosha or Yasha they will help you find it.

Gosha and Yasha))) Haven't heard that one yet, but they helped.

Alexandr Murzin  
Alexey Volchanskiy:

Gosha and Yasha )))) Haven't heard that one yet, but it helped.

Volodya is sure to help find one.

You can't call that signal and you can't say where it's gone. The rules ...

Alexey Volchanskiy  
Alexandr Murzin:
Volodya is sure to help you find it.

I don't get it, decipher it ))

Alexey Volchanskiy  

In fact, the guy has been jinxed, as he's been scrubbed in one thread. So his karma got the better of him...