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Different brokers, different results

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Ingvar Engelbrecht
Ingvar Engelbrecht  
Correct me if  I am wrong

A Broker server starts the day on Monday 00:00 hours server time. Server time will be local time where the server is located.


 - All bars on time frames higher than 1 hour will look different for brokers with servers in different time zones.

 - if I use time frames above 1H and develop/optimize an EA on a server in one time zone and run it on a server in a

   different time zone I will experience quite different results.

In order to avoid this problem I decided to only use time frames of 1 hour and lower. To work on longer time frames I instead use
longer 1 hour periods. It is not the same thing, I realize that but it is workable.
To test this I made some optimization runs on 2 different brokers in different time zones and run both results on both brokers.

Test on Admiral markets.
EURUSD  profit: 4825  #Trades: 26  Drawdown: 11.74

Test on FXChoice
EURUSD  profit: 6560  #Trades: 11 rawdown  9.77

These 2 test should not be compared with each other, it is not the best results, I just took some result after running for 15 minutes
The interesting part is to run the results from one broker on the other broker:

Using optimized values from Admiral Markets run on FXChoice:
Profit: 2488  #Trades: 28  Drawdown: 19.74

Using optimized values from ForexChoice and run on Admiral Market
Profit: 4519  #Trades: 18  Drawdown: 10.96

  - Selling EA:s optimized on one broker may disappoint a lot of buyers running on other brokers.
  - Some broker work better with some EA:s than other brokers.
  - if you are developing for your personal use, develop on the broker where you will run live. And with the same type of account
  - Not using time frames higher than 1H was no solution. (Might have helped, not tested)

The EA in question here is not a scalper, it buy dips in a rally and sell tops in a downtrend. The time period tested/optimized was approx 2 years
It does not trade often. It uses time frames: D, 4H, 1H, 5M, 1M
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