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questions about Tick Data

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moonsboy 2015.01.27 06:22 

I understand the tick data from different brokers are different.

But the data get from tickdata downloader of  StrategyQuant is same for all brokers.

Can I use it for certain broker? Which broker is the tick data of StrateyQuant same as or from?


Besides, how about tick story? The spreads defined in tick story are not variable as live account too.

How to resolve these issues or concern?   

Samuer 2016.06.22 11:08  
As far as i know, here can fing long tick story 5 min 1 min bars!
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Alejandro Cuartas
Alejandro Cuartas 2016.06.24 08:58  
The tick data of tickdata downloader is from dukascopy 
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