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installation of mt5 force 32-bit install....

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Joshua Graham
Joshua Graham  

I am attempting to install version of mt5 demo.  It forces mt5 to be 64 bit installation without asking the user during installation.  My system is 32 bit, but it keeps installing 64 bit.

I tried support's recommendation of using /32 switch on command prompt.  I did this, and it still installed 32 bit.

Can someone show me step-by-step procedure to force 32 bit installation?

Better yet, can you just allow the user to select this during installation?  I think this would be much better.

Ibfx offers NO support.  So here I am.

HongDi s& t development co.,ltd.
hongbin fei  
do you want use 64bit run under 32bit? I think it is impossbile
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