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Trading: View of Technical Analysis in the Context of Automatic Control Systems (ACS), or "Reverse View"

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2008.10.08 06:43 

New article View of Technical Analysis in the Context of Automatic Control Systems (ACS), or "Reverse View" has been published:

The article demonstrates an alternative view of technical analysis, which is based on the principles of both the modern automatic control theory and technical analysis itself. It is an introductory article representing the theory with some practical applications of it.

If something goes wrong, you should get better, expand your view, look at things differently. This sometimes may bring to very interesting and unusual results. At the first glance, some ideas seem to be absurd... just "by definition". Fortunately, they do that only at the first glance. Indeed, an unprepared person can hardly imagine what happens at, for example, relativistic velocities. The scale is, of course, absolutely, different, but we will sometimes discuss extremes having their practical applications. The most interesting and unusual results are usually obtained when utilizing something "unusual". What is meant here is exactly that "something".

Technical analysis has been successfully developing for many years. The understanding of current processes becomes deeper, more and more complicated properties and laws are used. And, what is more remarkable, they started to speak about fully automated trading systems a while back. At the same time, the automatic control theory and practice go on developing as a scientific and engineering subject.

It is logical that the education and experiences in these two fields suggest the idea of compounding them. A keeping up feeling of superficiality, a wish to strike into the nature of case are good additional stimuli. Most known methods, as complicated they may be, use rather simple properties.

Author: Sergei Ivanov

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