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Trading: Individual Psychology of a Trader

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2008.09.03 08:43 

New article Individual Psychology of a Trader has been published:

A portrait of a trader's behavior on the financial market. Author's own menu from the book "Как играть и выигрывать на бирже" ("How to speculate on stock exchange and win") by A. Elder.

Author: Belokrylov Vladimir

cliffedwards 2008.09.03 17:41  

ABSOLUTELY F***ing BRILLIANT...forgive the expletive..

Been there .. made EVERY SINGLE ONE of those mistakes.. and somehow persisted .. to become..a winner?

No,... a SURVIVOR.. LoL...

Its a different level of conciousness....its a journey of the most significant mind altering exercise you can undertake..

If you are lucky enough to get through it, it changes not only your trading.. but your life...

No, not with Ferraris and villas in exotic places (OK..that too..LoL) but INSIDE your self...

Thank you Berokrylov, a brilliant post.


MQL4 Comments
MQL4 Comments 2008.09.03 23:36  


My congratulations for a beautiful presentation, and I join Ed for his comments.

After more than 10 years in trading, and bumping or falling in every hole you can imagine, I finally succeeded. Not because of a guru, or newsletter, or auto systems. It has been an enjoyable psychoanalysis, with amazing insights into myself (some "ugly" and some OK, but until then, unaware of these "beasts" in my own 'persona').

Sharing my trading and trying to teach others not to make my old mistakes, I include below the ending to my simple trading course. And yes I have finally programmed my system, but to be followed by me like a hawk.... not for selling, and not mislead and abuse others...

A Trader 10 Commandments

- A trader should be whole, self sufficient and alone.

- A trader should be humble, and realize that a Greater Trader works beyond his ego.

- A trader should study, practice (apply) and learn from his/her mistakes and victories. Both are given to him/her to grow and become better.

- A trader will have to follow his or her own system. Will have Entries, Targets, and protective Stops.

- A trader should have love for his work. It will make it blossom like a flower.

- A trader should not be tempted by outside dellusions. The Traders Ocean will require Knowledge, Patience and Faith to become a navigator.

- A trader should protect his physical, mental and spiritual health.

- A trader should respect and love others, and his family and closest ones, the most.

- A trader should love himself or herself as is. The flaws and virtues for Life and Trading are his / her unique creation.

- A trader becomes that, which he or she believes as his / her Dream and Creation, and he or she will stand by it.

Again, thanks and happy trading.

Jose (Joe)

MQL4 Comments
MQL4 Comments 2008.09.04 01:26  

Very nice. The part about automated trading is true is the sense that if one thinks the Holy Grail will given to a fool looking for a get rich quick solution to life, then that fool will be soon parted of their money and left with nothing. I know, I was that fool.

Now I count my blessings that I could at least laugh at my foolish self in a humble way and start to listen and learn. Since starting this new path, I have succeeded further than my old foollish self thought possible, and I now know, happily, there is no end to the learning.


Hiu Yan Li
Hiu Yan Li 2008.09.04 05:51  

very insightful. another great lesson. thank u!

MQL4 Comments
MQL4 Comments 2010.04.25 17:27  

how i get mql4 auto and could you support to install directly by useing teamviwer

pisakjanos 2010.07.15 20:59  
This is a resume of Alexander Elder's classical, Trading for a Living (1993)
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