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Examples: Features of Custom Indicators Creation

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2005.08.18 17:27 

New article Features of Custom Indicators Creation has been published:

Creation of Custom Indicators in the MetaTrader trading system has a number of features.

Author: MetaQuotes Software Corp.

DeveloperMQL 2010.02.11 08:20  
for more detail you can read about custom indicator instructions
molanis 2010.02.22 17:53  

For a fast start try a custom indicator builder. It's a graphical environment to create Custom Indicators. No coding is required. No need to know/learn how to program in MQL.

Read more about it here:

You can download it here:

Features and Benefits

  • Create Custom Indicators without writing any code.
  • Fast development time. Test your trading ideas in minutes.
  • No programming skills or MQL knowledge are required.
  • Leading Edge Code Generation creates all the code for MetaTrader.
  • Keep your trading and indicator ideas to yourself. No need to share your knowledge with programmers.
  • Gives you access to Molanis Online Community, Molanis Forum and free custom indicators for MT4.
  • Free trial!
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