Ticket is not updated in Trade Window in the Strategy Tester


Good moring!


The first Buy with Lot 250 is closed completely. Then there are two further Buys with Lot sizes 309 and 131 (309+131=440). My Account is non-hedging so buys are added/summed up. The last Buy receives ticket number 9.


In the Trade window the open Position shows Lot=440 which is as expected but has Ticket number 8 instead of 9? Any ideas why?

The trade history takes more time for refreshing and it's not real time.

Pause the test, right click on history and select a different view (positions, deals, orders) then go back to the one you want. This forces refresh of history: if the problem is related to this, you will see correct data after this action
Go all right. 2017.10.25 You closed the position completely. And then on 2017.11.06 we opened a new position.
Hi Fabio, thank you for pointing that out so quickly! Have a pleasant day