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MT Strategy Tester Issue - BUG?

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och 2015.01.10 08:46 


I am just asking the community for a strange behaviour I noticed in MT4 strategy tester.

Place the included files into :

1. start_tester.bat into MT4 Terminal client root installation folder

2. tester.ini into config folder

  3. och.test.mql4 into MQL4\Experts folder 

Run start_tester.bat, MT4 client terminal should launched and automatically execute the EA (check you have MetaQuotes server in servers list and History data).

When Tester is finished, just clic on Start button to execute the tester one more time, you should have the following result in Strategy Tester Journal log : 




Does anyone know how to have correct instrument properties the first time MT4 Strategy tester is launched using a configuration file?




PS : If we test this EA is Strategytester without using a configuration file (ie not using the .bat file) then the first run is OK! Even with no connection to the broker!

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2015.01.10 11:43  
Check your init() or OnInit(), you are probably doing some initialization when trading environment is not ready at the start of the platform.
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