input AN Enum whit double data type

Habib Haghparast  

i have 2 variable first one is intiger and fix and secondor is first one * a double value


input int x=60;

double z=1.01 ,1.02,1.03........3.00


i want x & y as input . but also i want limit y becuse it shode be x*z

enum y




this is not work.... do you have any solution.... is it possible?

Habib Haghparast  
William Roeder #:
  1. You can't make y an input because it depends on x which is an input. Until you can state your want in concrete terms, it can not be coded.
  2. You could make z an int in the range [101 … 300] and then only use z/100.0 below.
  3. y is not an enumeration.

I got it  tnx