How to apply the same template in multi-currencies charts in backtest visual mode ?


Hi everyone :

Accord to the multi-currencies EA from here , I try to build for my own edition, everything is fine except a little problem 

The first chart is ok, it apply from my tester.tpl like color / indicator / zoom scale ... from the template folder,


but after the first chart , all other charts shows totaly different template like below ( in my edition, there is over 5 charts are all the same ...   )


Any idea to fix it ?

Thanks in advance. Andy


MQL5 Cookbook: 多币种EA交易 - 简洁而快速的途径
MQL5 Cookbook: 多币种EA交易 - 简洁而快速的途径
Vladimir Karputov #:
Unfortunately it doesn't fix it. You have to live with this behavior of a visual tester.

Thank you for the answer ...  :(