Strategy Tester with multiple indicators

Fernando Carreiro  
robertomx: Is it possible to use multiple indicators in the strategy tester? I am testing an expert advisor where manual orders can be opened, I want to add another indicator that I have bought in the market during the test. If it is possible, how do I do it?

When testing an EA under the MT5's Strategy Tester in Visual mode, only the Indicators that have been called from within the EA will appear on the chart. This means that in order to add more indicators, you will have to add them to the EA's code in order for them to appear (there is a workaround, see below).

On MT4, this was not necessary as one could manually add indicators to the visual test chart very easily on the fly. Unfortunately, they removed that functionality in MT5.

There is however a work-around for MT5. You can pre-create a Template with all the indicators you wish to use, and then apply the Template to the chart during the Visual test.