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Connection Status

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pan1 2011.05.31 13:57 

Hi everyone

what are exactly  the 2 numbers of  "Connection Status" ? ( located on the bottom, right side)

 DATA IN/OUT (download/upload) or reverse ?

Are this numbers in Byte or Bits ?


Thank you for your help 

Rashid Umarov
Rashid Umarov 2011.05.31 14:38  
See the terminal Help - MetaTrader 5 HelpUser InterfaceStatus Bar:

Status Bar

Status bar is located in the lower part of the terminal below all service windows. It contains tips of program commands, information about the currently selected point of the chart, status of server connection, amount of data sent and received within the current connection session:

Status Bar

From left to right the following information is shown in the bar:

  • Command tips;
  • Name of the current profile. A right mouse button click on this field will open the menu of working with profiles;
  • Date, "OHLC" prices and volume of a chart point, on which the mouse cursor is currently is;
  • Status of connection to a trade server. The icon Connected means that the terminal is currently connected to a server. If the connection is not established, the Disconnected icon is shown;
  • Amount of incoming and outgoing traffic for the current session.

The status bar can be disabled by removing the check near the corresponding point of the "View" menu.

pan1 2011.05.31 15:03  
Thank you  Rosh for your quick help
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