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3 questions to coders. Might become a payed job.

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Pupsik25 2014.12.20 17:41 
Hey guys! 3 questions to coders: 

1. Is it possible to code the next kind of EA 
and how much would you want to get for this job:
a. It has to be for mt5 and/or mt4.
b. It has to place market orders (not pending orders)
when a certain time's candle made a certain move.
c. It has to place SL, TP, Break even and trailing 
(virtual and/or regular, but preferably it has to be
able to perform both) 
d. It has to have maximun spread and maximum slippage 
e. Everything needs to be adjustable of course 

2. I'm attaching 2 straddle EAs. One is for mt4  
and the other is for mt5. They are pretty similar but 
the mt5 version has only about half of the functions of 
the mt4's. Can the mt5's be adapted to become identical
to mt4's and how much will this job cost?

3. Can the mt4's EA from the 2nd question be manipulated
(or helped by other EA or whatever) to perform 
market orders instead of pending orders? If it can then how 
much will it cost. 

Thanks :)    
AmazingEA.mq4 45 kb
Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2014.12.20 17:56  
Please use Freelance section for such request. Thank you.
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