Daniel Cioca  
Hi guys! About Magic Number… I read materials about Magic Number using, but just before I do changes in my EA I would like an opinion. So I have one EA that is opened on each particular pair. I do not use it on same pair twice ( like different timeframes). So in this case, can I remove Magic Number from my code?  Cause I can identify the trade in the code by _Symbol. Thanks! 
William Roeder  

Magic number only allows an EA to identify its trades from all others. Using OrdersTotal/OrdersHistoryTotal (MT4) or PositionsTotal (MT5), directly and/or no Magic number/symbol filtering on your OrderSelect / Position select loop means your code is incompatible with every EA (including itself on other charts and manual trading.)
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You need one Magic Number for each symbol/timeframe/strategy. Trade current timeframe, one strategy, and filter by symbol requires one MN.