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mynordfx 2014.12.09 04:57 

      Hello Friends,traders all brokers and companies ,please  Enquiry why not Allowed  Forex business in India , Any Way starting the business by the India Government with legal , The Next month USA  president OBAMA coming in india ,for Indian republic  celebrations and for business by the Indian govt. So Any Forex brokers or companies and traders and all ( in USA and Other countries ) .please tell Change  India  Government  Forex  business rules .Any One tell  to OBAMA and   Indian  prime Minister  Narendra Modi in Business meetings.

     And  The large Way of Forex business in India for more India and  Other countries Traders .Etc.     Please  ATTENTION !!!!     All  World TRADERS and  BROKERS the Best market in India , Choice of Yours , Any one meet Obama and tell adjust India Government rules for forex business  to tell  NarendraModi (PM )  in business  meeting. 


     Please set to way  in India For Forex Business for Indians and others , Any  Indian Friends , please The ISSUE  spread All  Forex Forums and Etc . and all india forex brokers Also.


  Please tell Why illegal and any way of forex business in India   . MY prime minister changing  forex buisness rules for indians . my  ambition for forex.



                        Thank  you all.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Yudhi Pratomo
Yudhi Pratomo 2015.07.04 23:01  

All of it is just a form of policy in order to save the economy of india not to disparities and dependence going too be dollars, this caused the demand for dollar currency in the country of india is very large, and when it is in forward it will worsen inflation and going great, then make it a policy to limit it (Regulation).

But brokers in india and abroad would likewise not be affected and in the lid for this business of world trade, and when there are policy tools so that it closes the web access to access them please not to pessimists used to be because there are still many paths to access it, e.g. change the DNS settings in your computer Area, or use the Add On like Anynamox etc., may be useful.
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