Looking for insights on VPS servers

I was previously with Ney York Servers on the recommendation of a friend, i figured I would ask here and see who else is using a vps that they really like, and why they prefer it. Thanks in advance :)
Todd Peter Gilbey
Todd Peter Gilbey  
I use Microsoft Azure for my Virtual Machine which has metered billing, so you can turn a fixed cost into a variable cost. There are many companies out there who specialise in VPS' specifically for FX trading i.e. BeeksFX, but they're expensive, you can't customise them or choose the OS, like you can with Azure, and you're still paying for the service even when you' re not trading. I've reduced my costs by around 27% because I can switch the server off at night and during the weekends, and I think the service is much better as well. 

I wouldn't go with any other provider now.