EURUSD not found, can not call order_check()


Hi, When I try to place a trade using python with the MetaTrade5 library it give me this error : EURUSD not found, can not call order_check()

I dont know what am I doing wrong...Here is my code for the buy order: 


# prepare the buy request structure

symbol = "EURUSD"
symbol_info = mt5.symbol_info(symbol)
if symbol_info is None:
   print(symbol, "not found, can not call order_check()")

# if the symbol is unavailable in MarketWatch, add it
if not symbol_info.visible:
   print(symbol, "is not visible, trying to switch on")
   if not mt5.symbol_select(symbol, True):
      print("symbol_select({}}) failed, exit", symbol)

lot = 0.1
point = mt5.symbol_info(symbol).point
price = mt5.symbol_info_tick(symbol).ask
deviation = 20
request = {
   "action": mt5.TRADE_ACTION_DEAL,
   "symbol": symbol,
   "volume": lot,
   "type": mt5.ORDER_TYPE_BUY,
   "price": price,
   "sl": price - 100 * point,
   "tp": price + 100 * point,
   "deviation": deviation,
   "magic": 234000,
   "comment": "python script open",
   "type_time": mt5.ORDER_TIME_GTC,
   "type_filling": mt5.ORDER_FILLING_RETURN,

# send a trading request
result = mt5.order_send(request)
# check the execution result
print("1. order_send(): by {} {} lots at {} with deviation={} points".format(symbol, lot, price, deviation));
if result.retcode != mt5.TRADE_RETCODE_DONE:
   print("2. order_send failed, retcode={}".format(result.retcode))
   # request the result as a dictionary and display it element by element
   result_dict = result._asdict()
   for field in result_dict.keys():
      print("   {}={}".format(field, result_dict[field]))
      # if this is a trading request structure, display it element by element as well
      if field == "request":
         traderequest_dict = result_dict[field]._asdict()
         for tradereq_filed in traderequest_dict:
            print("       traderequest: {}={}".format(tradereq_filed, traderequest_dict[tradereq_filed]))
   print("shutdown() and quit")

print("2. order_send done, ", result)
print("   opened position with POSITION_TICKET={}".format(result.order))
print("   sleep 2 seconds before closing position #{}".format(result.order))