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Todd Peter Gilbey
Todd Peter Gilbey  
Alain Verleyen #:

No its is not buggy, Dikhead Drazen 

Dominik Egert #:
Sometimes it is not the action of others, but the reaction of ourselves that's giving us a hard time.

If for some reason we do not like the answer we are getting for a question asked, we need to rephrase or try to shift perspective.

It won't do any favor, trying to force someone's point of view into another.

Adapt or break...

Same goes for trading.

Excuse me? My reaction?

Yes, sure, because being berated, being told I'm incompetent and that I don't know what I'm doing which is literally the whole point of this forum and right after I implemented someone's demonstration which yielded the problem I was trying to solve, just because some egotistical butthurt Little Mummy's Boy decided he's going to deflect this incompetence onto me so he can make himself look good - yes that's going to provoke a good reaction out of me, isn't it? 

Rephrase? The only thing that needs rephrasing is his apology, which he was clearly trying to make but you see, I just don't feel it was sincere enough, don't you? 

Shift perspective? To what perspective precisely? The perspective of the people who deflect their weakness onto someone who comes onto this forum to learn?  You mean that perspective? I wouldn't know what that perspective is. Sorry 

If I don't like the answer? No, the moderator needs to hauling a lot of people off this forum. If people want a contest in measuring their manhood, this is not the place to do it. There are some very competent, professional people on this forum, but the majority of people on this thread (you excluded - although you make a fair point, in this instance, I feel your contribution would be better directed at Drazen here, & you have given a fair & sensible contribution so I will respect that), aren't any of those. 

People want to carry on making snide remarks (not you), I will have no trouble being brutally honest back, tell them exactly what I think of them, and if anybody ever tries to turn this otherwise respectable form into a Dick Swinging content, there are plenty of brothels in most European cities where that behaviour - not that I would know - is undoubtedly much more welcomed then here.