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Niklas Rolf Alexander Schlimm  
Revo Trades #:

ok. thanks for posting your findings. now i wont be upgrading windows.

And totally agree with your thread vs core analysis, that is parallel to my previous comment.

EDIT: 100% utilised does not mean that it is faster. can you confirm that it is or isnt similar speed with and without thread management? i mean that can be different between cpus, even from same bin.

I am still in the analysis of getting the best performance out of TR3990X ... I will update the post. In fact, the CPU is utilized 100% EVEN if not all threads get tasks or are enabled. Another suspicious observation I think ...

Revo Trades  

1. cool.

2. even more jealous :D

Tobias Johannes Zimmer  
Niklas Rolf Alexander Schlimm #:
Changed CPU Cooler [...] Performance Increase, Temerature Decrease.
Niklas Rolf Alexander Schlimm  

Here is my setup with currently best performance:

- SMT activated, 64 cores / 128 threads

- two installations of meta trader 5 in different folders

- 32 agents running per installation

CPU max clock speed is at 3500MHZ. Temperature at ~70° Celsius. 

This setting performs equivalent per core compared to my Ryzen 9 5900X 12-core.

I am realizing that there is an issue with TR3990X: a cpu with so many cores can probably not reach its max clock speed due to temperature issues.

One solution to this would be to start testing different coolings on the thread ripper. Decreasing temperature would enable overclocking and max clock speed.

(then outperforming the 5900X on a per core bases)
Niklas Rolf Alexander Schlimm  
Another eexperient I'd like to share with everyone thinking of thread rippers: buy a power supply unit with more then 1000W. I have tried to reach max clock speed using a Cinebench benchmark. My system is very sensible against to much voltage / watt on the cpu socket. That is because I only have a 850W bequiet power supply unit (this is a guess, I would have to proove that with another larger supply unit). What happens is as soon you increase the power consumption of the thread ripper the bequiet psu turns off the system immediately cause the power demand of the whole system exceeds the abilities of the psu. 
Mahammadjamil Kazi  
good to know. thanks for your information.. how your thread ripper is  running now?
Niklas Rolf Alexander Schlimm  
Mahammadjamil Kazi #:
good to know. thanks for your information.. how your thread ripper is  running now?
Hi Mahammad,
I‘ve sold it :) in the end I have developed an algorithm that has much less demand in cpu processing power …