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Importing price data into MT4

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I'd like to import data price data into MT4 which has been manipulated, but don't want to override the existing price data. Is there a way to import it as another file name. Let me give you an example. 

Based on the calculations I do,  I get a 1H MA. In order to import it I need to have OHLC, which is the same. It works for me as I can then run a line chart. That's all I'm after. See the values below. Is there a way to import the file into the eur/usd 1H in such a way that it doesn't override the normal 1H values? 

 Any help would be much appreciated.  

2014.07.18 05:00 1.251508 1.251508 1.251508 1.251508
2014.07.18 06:00 1.252427 1.252427 1.252427 1.252427
2014.07.18 07:00 1.253552 1.253552 1.253552 1.253552
2014.07.18 08:00 1.254233 1.254233 1.254233 1.254233




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