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HI, just wondering if anyone can help me, I think I need a script written but could be wrong because im not too sure ! 

basically what i need is a "trade entry button" that takes the previous candle (high/low) and puts the stop 1 pip below the candle and entry 1 pip above for a long and

reverse for a short.

also taking into account the spread if possible ?

is this something that can even be done ?

cheers onis

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  
May be - someone will reply (i am not a coder sorry) - but I feel that you need to go to Freelance service.
I ordered one script there few time ago and it was not a problem for me in anyway.

Try to select the coders based on their activity on the forum/blogs (who are publicly available), or on the other way for example.

Just my experience.
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