Strategy Tester Visualization Questions



I have 2 questions and maybe requests for the Strategy Tester Visualization window:

  1. Is there a reason the Strategy Tester Visualization window only uses the tester.tpl template file for the symbol that is selected, instead of all the symbols that the EA is trading. The tester opens multiple tabs and populate everything, but just uses I assume the default configuration for the view (not the default.tpl template)? Is there a way I can force all the tabs to use the same template file?
  2. Is there a way to force the Strategy Tester to open the Visualization window as a new screen? If you run it it opens a window and then if you wait long enough and run it again it will open a new window for the new test instead of overwriting the previous one. It would be great to be able to force this to always open a new window as it would be very useful for running comparisons.

Any advice or tricks on this would be great - thanks

Sorry, just to be clear this is MT5 I am talking about
I've found that if you run a backtest in strategy tester with visualisations enabled then run it again without the visualisation enabled then again with the visualisation enabled it will open a new window.