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Whats the optimal Indicator settings for range, trade, and stop periods on different time frames?

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David Del Castillo
David Del Castillo 2014.11.29 17:14 

I have a turtle indicator with Trade/Stop period, and depending on what time frame I'm in , it can either lag behind or be close to the up/down movement. 

Also, I have another indicator which uses range that I try to combine with the above. And the defaults on Range period isn't optimal in every time frame.

I'm sure time different time frames have a lot to do with different settings.

Any suggestions?

Helmut Huber
Helmut Huber 2014.11.30 10:53  

Hi User,

I use for Forextrading MQL4/5 -->60-300 Sec following combinations:


2. rsi-crossover_alert__2

3. Linear-Regression

maybe this combination are also good for your kind of tradings.



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