Tips on Getting High Modelling Quality

Kisko Apeles
How do I get high modelling quality? I am afraid that my strategy tests are not reliable because of Mismatched charts errors.
Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber  
The modelling quality is of minor importance! The best and slowest would be "Every tick based on real ticks" it depends on your strategy whether you really need that.
Enrique Dangeroux
Enrique Dangeroux  

Asuming MT5 here because it is not in the MT4 section.

I do not know a broker without holes in their feed. The Tester log will tell you however and thus you can compensate for it by either not trading the holes, or calculate your own report where trades during holes are discarded.

If it is about MT4, your worry should be the tester, not the modelling quality and switch to MT5.