Error #0 and (invalid price) coding


Hello, I got another error #0 which according to the research I have done isn't really an error but rather a successful procedure. Meaning that there is something within the coding that was performed successfully and because of that coding being successfully performed the trade was not able to be placed due to (invalid price) as noted on the line above it.

Also, when the (invalid price shows at the end of the line, which is also right beside tp, does that indicate that the invalid price causing the issue is the tp itself, or something else within that line. Below is an example

HH    0    08:00:02.697        CTrade::OrderSend: buy stop 8.93 USTECHIndex at 14555.92 sl: 14678.91 tp: 15545.48 [invalid price]
KD    0    08:00:02.697       BUYSTOP failed with error #0