How to fix Validation completed with errors


Dear All

Could you pleas help me fix Validation completed with errors.

My EA have custom indicator.How to Validation completed

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The indicator isn't part of your product. Therefor, the product can't use it except when running on your machine. Why does this surprise you when you try to use the cloud or Market Validation?

Just embed the other indicator(s) inside your indicator/EA. Add the CI(s) to your code as a resource.
          Use the publicly released code - MQL5 programming forum (2017)
          Resources - MQL4 Reference

Be aware that using resources is 40x times slower than using CIs directly.
          A custom indicator as a resource - MQL4 programming forum (2019)

Also make use there are no spaces in the path.
          Getting error 4802 when loading custom indicator that loads another custom indicator with iCustom - Technical Indicators - MQL5 programming forum. (2020.07.21)