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The MQL5 language is constantly evolving: in the last few years, we have added native work with databases and DirectX, OpenCL and Python support, network functions for operations on the web, and other syntax improvements aimed at bringing the language closer to C++. That is why MQL5 is considered the best and the fastest language for algorithmic traders, while Freelance is the largest service for ordering trading robots and applications.

Modern algorithmic trading is no longer limited to one platform or market: advanced trading strategies often involve a whole set of different tasks implemented in different programming languages. In line with this trend, we have extended the list of programming languages in Freelance orders, enabling you to select Python, R, C++, C#, Java, or others for your order.

Selecting a programming language for a Freelance order

With the new options, you can easily select specific language developers. Use them to set explicit requirements for the Freelance developer you are looking for, rather than desired additional skills. You can still specify other skills which might be additionally required, to make your order description even more precise.

In addition, we have implemented the ability to select completed works by customer or developer, at the request of Freelance users. The total number of completed projects is approaching 100,000, so this new filter will be extremely helpful.

Originally, the new feature was requested by developers who have already completed hundreds of orders. However, this option is equally useful for customers who wish to create a personal order for a specific developer but cannot find projects in which they have previously cooperated.

Search by username in your projects

The enhanced features will assist users in finding the best developers for their orders. Furthermore, we expect that the new featured programming languages will expand the range of Freelance tasks and will attract even more algorithmic traders.

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Sergey Golubev
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Order programs in Python, R, C ++, C # and Java in Freelance

Rashid Umarov , 2021.09.01 08:50

Now Freelance is intended for ordering programs not only in MQL4 / MQL5, but also in other programming languages. The news is about this.