Activations on the same Windows computer, different users


Dear all,

I have been trying to find this, searched for it, didn't find it, not in the documentation, not in the forums. 
Maybe someone knows the answer to this.

I bought several EAs, Indicators, etc.

I have a computer with different users on it. Windows 10, two users.

If I install MetaTrader 4 in the PC (available to both users) and I install "Indicator A" in the first user. 
When I go to the second user and I install the same "Indicator A", will it consume another activation? Or will it understand that it's the same Windows?

Any help on this will be very appreciated. Thank you!

I found the reply of admin -

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Product activation crashes

Rashid Umarov , 2021.06.03 09:42

In the Windows operating system, different authorization methods provide different system configurations:

1. Authorization by a regular user

2. Authorization by the administrator

3. Authorization via remote access (even if one of the above two accounts is selected)

Therefore, each of these cases requires separate product activation, even if the Windows version has not changed and there has been no hardware update. Check how you log in.