Peter Der
Peter Der  

Dear Metatrader users,

I would appreciate your help,
as I am a newbie to MT4/MT5

I have the following in Metastock,
but I am not sure if it can be done in MT4,
and possibly switch.

I have build a 3 indicators in Metastock.
These indicators can be -say- "Bullish", "Bearish" or "Neutral".

What I would like to do is the following:
1. Test
    Backtest conditions of these combinations on a particular market without coding,
   perhaps by choosing the condition for each indicator via a drop-down menu
   (i.e. Back test on EURUSD when Indicator 1 is "Bullish", Indicator 2 is "Bearish", Indicator 3 is "Neutral")

2. Scan
   Save this combination of conditions (i.e.Indicator 1 is "Bullish", Indicator 2 is "Bearish", Indicator 3 is "Neutral")
   and scan a list of markets to see when these conditions appear.

All of these I can do with Metastock,
but are these doable in Metatrader ?

If yes, perhaps reccomend a good programmer to help ?

thanks in advance

Lorentzos Roussos
Lorentzos Roussos  

They are doable in MetaTrader .

How would you want to evaluate the performance though ?

I understand ,from the way you are inquiring , you are interested in porting the indicator to mt4 (or mt5) first ,and then

checking it against all the assets of the platform to find the best assets and timeframes for that indicator ?

And then ,the final step, would be to have the findings above in a trading tool .

Peter Der
Peter Der  
Hello Lorentzo,

and thank you for the reply.
I think you have understood what I want.

To be clear, let me give a hypothetical example.

Indicator 1: 200 EMA
Bullish : C > 200 EMA
Bearish: C < 200 EMA

Indicator : RSI(14)
Bullish: RSI(14) > EMA(RSI(14), 9)
Bearish: RSI(14) < EMA(RSI(14), 9)

1. I would like to test on any market,
     what happens with Indicator 1 is bullish and Indicator 2 is bearish

2. Save this pattern (condition) and then scan (or receive an alert) to see which markets satisfy these conditions

1. the example above is hypothetical
    I would use my own indicators, but that is the main idea
2. I would like to be able in step #1, to be able to choose indicators and bullish/bearish states, without actually programming them.
    Perhaps use a drop down menu with the appropriate options, as there could be more than 2 indicators and more than 2 states,
   so the possible combinations could be more than 50 or 70