i`m new in mql5 coding, can u help me with my EA

Keith Watford  
Daniel Felipe:

This is an English language forum.

English only please.

Fernando Carreiro  
Daniel Felipe: Hi,im new in this lenguage, i have an idea for my EA, but i cat write it, i think it is basic but can u help me with a basics to can write it. im going to put de requirements of my EA:

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Is it easy (or difficult) to …?

Fernando Carreiro, 2017.08.30 21:43

This post could be considered a “rant”, but I would like to take the opportunity to relay to those that ask similar questions, the difficulty involved in answering such a simple query – “Is it is easy (or difficult) to …?”

  • “Easy” would imply that anyone can do it, but that is obviously not the case.
  • “Easy” depends on the ability, skill, knowledge and experience of the one that is tasked to do it.
  • That ability, skill, knowledge and experience took time to establish and it had a cost, and if you sum it all up, it can be quite high.
  • So, “easy” means that if you don’t know how to do it yourself (or not able to do it yourself), then you will have to “compensate” someone else to do it for you.
  • You will be “compensating” him or her for all the effort and cost that went into acquiring the ability, skill, knowledge and experience and NOT for the actual time spent carrying out the task.

So, even if the task is just changing one line of code; remember that you are “compensating” the person for his knowledge and skills and not for just one line of code.

The same applies to those that request for something “simple” to be done for free. It is NEVER “simple”. If it were that “simple” then you would be able to do it yourself.

So, respect the hard work and effort the coder went through to gain his skills and knowledge and “compensate” him/her for it. Wanting it for free is being totally disrespectful!

PS! In conclusion, learn to use the Freelance Jobs section and recognise and respect those more skilled, knowledgeable and experienced than you!

EDIT: Please note that I use the term "compensation" and not "payment", because there are many ways to "compensate" for work done. Sometimes a coder will be "compensated" with gained or shared knowledge instead of money, or by an exchange of ideas or other things. It is not always about the money but it is about the "compensation"!