MT5 - Broker Spread and Ticket Number Questions - page 2

Isabel Camero  
Fernando Carreiro #:

You are not reading the documentation as I have asked you to do, twice now!

2. In the "History" tab, show "Orders & Deals", and look for the Deal with the ticket the same as in the "autotrade" of the Chart arrow; then look at the ticket number of the corresponding Order (just above the Deal), which will also be the ticket of the Order in the "Trade" tab.

I am adding this screenshot just as an example to show you what I am talking about. The photo I attached is from MT5. On the chart I can only see lot size and the price where I entered but not the ticket number to match the trade listed in the toolbox trade tab. Thank you again 

Fernando Carreiro  
Isabel Camero #: I would like to see the ticket number displayed on the actual chart shown right by the position(s) currently opened. History tab only shows past trades. I would like to be able to match my currently opened trades with what is on the chart. For example, if I have 4 currently opened trades and I want to match just a certain trade (displayed on the toolbox under the trade tab) with the one displayed on the chart, how can I do that? Does it make sense? I want to match/see/locate my current opened trade with the same trade displayed on the chart. Is there a way to do that? On the MT4 you can see the a number right by the currently opened position and it's an easy way to match them with what is displayed in the toolbox under the trade tab. I'd appreciate your input!

Unfortunately, the "Trade" tab only shows the Order/Position ticket number. However, the "History" tab does show the Order and Deal ticket number for the opening deal even if the positions is still open.

So, the process is the same. The chart shows the arrow with a deal ticket number which you can look up in the "History" for the Order ticket number.

If however, you wish to have the position ticket number shown on the chart, then you will have to code your own Indicator or EA to show that.