Help reducing the load time of an EA

I need help with the optimization of my EA, I'll just go ahead and explain from the top 

The goal is to develop a trading system based on currency correlation. I already have the strategy part down. But the indicator itself is heavy in the sense that it goes through a lot of calculations based on 28 currency quotes. 

Problem 1: If the EA is developed normally and takes data from the indicator through the custom indicator handle, then of we apply this EA to 8 charts then the heavy indicator will be loaded 8 times causing slow load times. 

Solution 1: After looking through the indicator code and understanding it and also with help from a lot of articles on this site, I was able to transfer the code and apply it directly into the EA, the load time got better with optimizations like only recalculating on appearance of new bars and being able to specify the amount of history to compare 


Problem 2: Even though the load time was reduced a little, because the Indicator is in the EA, and 8 variations of the EA were operating on 8 charts, meaning the indicator will be loaded 8 times. 
Now the kind of load time spike I got corresponded with times the indicator was called to perform the calculation of a new bar, which is also an important time bacuse it is based on the new results that we make our trading decisions meaning the load time spike affects our trading decisions. 

Solution 2 (Proposed): the currency correlation indicator displays the same information through the 28 charts it can be used for so really we need only one instance of the Indicator. So if we could maybe load the indicator instance somewhere then include them in our EA code so that our EA will have access to it's calculated data no matter the chart it's on or anything like that, but I think include files are used for Class Object frames and Class Function frames.

So if it is possible and maybe someone could point me to the part of the language that could help me achieve this 

I just learnt this language a few weeks ago so I'm not really a pro in it but I have programming experience so I can understand anything you throw at me. 

I read that it's good practice to include the snippet of code you are talking about but here I don't even have an idea on how to proceed so please forgive me for that.