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Since a program may use different symbols in its work, a separate list should be created for each of them. In this article, I will combine such lists into a tick data collection. In fact, this will be a regular list based on the class of dynamic array of pointers to instances of CObject class and its descendants of the Standard library.

Compile the EA and launch it on a chart of any symbol. Prior to that, make sure to enable the current timeframe and symbols from the predefined list, in which only the two first symbols are left out of the entire proposed symbols:

After a short time required to create tick data for two used symbols in the OnInit() handler, the journal receives data on the program parameters, created timeseries and created tick data. Upon arrival of the new tick, the journal receives the data on four detected ticks with the highest Ask and lowest Bid for each of the two symbols.

Author: Artyom Trishkin