MT5 Scripts for Closing partials


Hi all,

I'm a fairly new trader, rather getting back into trading, and looking at trading GB/JP and gold. 

As I'm getting back, I'm finding that manual execution in MT is slow so I'm looking for scripts to help speed up my trading. Whether that's closing a loss faster or securing pips faster. I was able to meet someone who sent me scripts for MT4 that look like they would bring SL to break even, and then closing partials in increments of 10%. They were able to apply keyboard shortcuts to those and that's exactly what i'm looking for. 

Are there scripts out there that I would be able to download that would allow me to move up my sl, and secure profits in increments or fully close? The file names of the scripts i was provided are Break_Even Script, Close 10, to 90 Close All. Again unfortunately i'm on and MT5 broker and those are mt4 :(

Any/all help would be appreciated,

Thank you