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403 Error

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Rozana Sustar
Rozana Sustar 2014.09.22 10:47 

When Im accessing the website from my home computer I get this strange 403 error. What does that mean? Did I click anything wrong?

Help is needed,



Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2014.09.22 12:42  

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403 error access denied

angevoyageur, 2014.09.17 22:17

From another location I am able to access and login to  mql5 and have verified "control via IP" is disabled 

403 access denied is always a server implementation so I've sent a support ticket however no reply yet

Any ideas?

Your IP is blocked, wait 24 hours.
MrGrey 2014.09.23 10:14  
To get a new IP address instantly you may also power cycle your router, i.e. switch it off, wait 5 seconds and switch it on again. 
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