Price level – alert manager

Robert Stan
Robert Stan  

Hello !

This is my first post here, so first of all I would like to say a big HELLO to all of you !

I wish profitable trades to everyone !!!


So what brings me here today ? – a problem :)

Every day I have 20 different charts open.

On each chart I have around 4 alerts set. It gives us minimum of 80 alerts …

They are situations when 5 of the alerts go off at the same time.

I'm simply not able to manage all of them at once.

So… I’m looking for some sort of a price level alert manager that will show me on which pair the alert is activated and will allow me in the easiest possible way to organize all the charts and switch between them. How do I see it ?


Well, I love the “Symbol changer profit display” indicator. It would be great if this alert manager/indicator of some sort could show triggered alerts one the given pair by changing the color of the pair button and allow me to open the chart by clicking on it. So similar to the “Symbol changer profit display” indicator.

Or even better – maybe there is some option to add this feature to the existing indicator ?


If someone has a different idea - please share. I’m open for all the suggestions and will be grateful for an advice how to trade on mulitcharts with multi-alerts and don’t get lost.


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