How to reset A Grid Bot


I've just purchased a grid EA and I've noticed (via backtesting) that it needs to be reset periodically. 

What is the safest way to do this? I've asked the developer and tried to do my own research but I'm hoping to gain extra insight here. 

The bot will be running on a VPS. So I assume a reset would mean re-uploading the chart/bot combination. But if I do that all open positions will be cancelled, resulting in a loss. 

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I've just purchased my first grid robot and I realise it needs to be reset periodically. I want to do so without incurring a loss from closing open positions.

Does this option: "Close all positions when balance reaches value? (T/F)" in the EA mean 'when balance=equity'? Therefore safe to reset the bot...?

I have contacted the developer but no word as yet.

Only the developer can answer your questions.
We can only guess.

Why have you opened a new topic concerning this same EA?

I have deleted that topic.

You have already had your answer......

Keith Watford:
Only the developer can answer your questions.