Discussion of article "Timeseries in DoEasy library (part 58): Timeseries of indicator buffer data"


New article Timeseries in DoEasy library (part 58): Timeseries of indicator buffer data has been published:

In conclusion of the topic of working with timeseries organise storage, search and sort of data stored in indicator buffers which will allow to further perform the analysis based on values of the indicators to be created on the library basis in programs. The general concept of all collection classes of the library allows to easily find necessary data in the corresponding collection. Respectively, the same will be possible in the class created today.

Compile the EA and launch it on the chart having set in settings to use only current symbol and current timeframe. In comments on the chart, data of the first and zero (current) bars of all created indicators will be displayed:

Same indicators with the same settings are plotted on the chart for more clarity - indicator data in comments on the chart and in data window (Ctrl+D) match and values on the current bar update.

Author: Artyom Trishkin