check OP_BUY by Magic, in a pending order pool of 5, and replace the unopened pending orders with new ones.


hi everybody,

I have (for my mind) a bit more of a complex solution.

1. I open a grid of five pending orders.

2. at some event i take all unopened orders away, so the ones which haven't been triggered

3. at another event I want to put the five pending orders again, apart from the ones which were already opened.

So basically, if i put five pending orders, at one point two got opened, three are left unopened. at some event i take the three away, at a later point i would put the same grid of five again, but in this case only three pending orders because i don't want to put a pending order at the same place of an open order, otherwise i would have two positions at the same price.

I thought to give all five orders a different magic number. check the ones which became OP_BUY or OP_SELL and flag them out, and put pending orders which don't have the flag so far, but i don't get around to do it with a little help, so i thought to ask you guys :)



For anyone still looking at it, it's ok I could program the logic myself after some searching around in the documentation