Backtesting suite in Python

Janet Sheao Mae Wen
Janet Sheao Mae Wen  

Hi everyone,

ok so from what i have been reading, it is not possible to use the python module and test a Python based algorithm through Strategy Tester.

Which, unless I am mistaken, leaves the only option of building some backtesting suite outside of MT5 that can be tested with Python (or some other language) and optimized with an optimizer of our choosing (instead of the genetic algorithm).

So I was wondering, if you know of anyone in here who has developed such a backtesting suite that can replicate the backtesting accuracy and behaviour of strategy tester.

It would be really helpful for me (and I am sure for other people) that wish to build their EAs in Python.

Thank you all

(I just realised I posted this in the wrong forum subject area. Sorry)

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