Cloud is taking too long to run and chargin too much


I've been trying to use the cloud network for backtest and it takes forever to do a one year test with only 3 variables that goes from 1 to 30 with 2 steps in a non 24/7 market.

Sometimes it goes pretty fast and it charges me only 0.05cents and sometimes it takes several minutes to just start the process and if i stop it after 3/4min of pure loading it charges me almost a dollar for a backtest that is the exact same one i did 10min ago for 0.05 cents.

The expected time sometimes is 5min and sometimes is 6hours! to do the exact same backtest, it charges so much and do absolutely nothing, if i knew the cloud would be so bad i would have use it my own pc, since it takes "only" 2hours to do the backtest instead of 6.

i should add that when it charges me a lot and does nothing at all it uses like 65agents, when it fast it uses 130/190 agents. I am using fast genetic algorithm.

I want to add more money but i am not sure if its worth it since it doesn't work most of the time and still charges me a lot more than when it does work.

Distributed Computing in the MQL5 Cloud Network
Distributed Computing in the MQL5 Cloud Network
Today's computers spend most of their time idle and do not use all the features of their CPU. Now you can benefit from the spare power of your PC. You can sell your computer's CPU time to other members of our network community for a variety of tasks like optimizing Expert Advisors optimization or developing mathematical models. Join the MQL5...