Question about the standard library


My questions are really simple, it is about the standard library Experts + Trade classes mainly, hopefuly metaquotes devs can answer me.

1) How good/feature complete is the current implementation of the standard library in MT5?

2) How good is it at multiple instances of same EA on different charts simultaniously?

3) How good is it if the terminal program crash and relaunched? can it pick up its own state?

4) Can it work on every single type of symbol in the icmarkets for example? Forex calculation, CFD calculation etc. I never saw it use ENUM_SYMBOL_CALC_MODE.

5) Is the standard library stable enough to be used in a live scenario?

6) Can it be used with multiple positions on same symbol?

Documentation on MQL5: Standard Library
Documentation on MQL5: Standard Library
MQL5 Standard Library is written in MQL5 and is designed to facilitate writing programs (indicators, scripts, experts) for end users. Library provides convenient access to the most of the internal MQL5 functions.