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About buying and selling using Signal

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I began buying and selling by The Signal yesterday.
I set up yesterday and there was not a action in half day.
However, after rebooting MT4, many orders have been carried out suddenly.

I was surprised.

I confirmed a position holding the signal in just to make sure.
Then an identical currency was bought and sold several days ago.
At the moment when I rebooted MT4, buying and selling seemed to be carried out with these past signals.

If buying and selling is carried out with an old signal, for having rebooted MT4, it is very dangerous.

What kind of information will be included in the signal?
Is it only merely a currency name and the number of the lot, choice of the buying and selling?
Or will the information such as the expiration date be included, too?

Today ,I tested it with a different Signal in different account.
The result was the same.
Buying and selling is carried out in past Signal when I reboot MT4.

I want to know the structure of the signal delivery in detail.
Please tell me the homepage explained about the structure of the signal.

Thank you very much.
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