Can you guys implemented a symbol redirection feature (I'll explain in this post why)



So Meta trader 5 allows you to use Custom Symbols. With custom symbols to an extent you can use an expert advisor you bought on the market and test against this.

The idea behind testing using a custom symbol is that I can take some arbitary period of the real data, export it out to a CSV file, change those dates in the CSV file and reimport it as a custom symbol at a different timeframe. Why would I do this? I can tell if the expert advisor is a fraud and has sewed fixed timeslots when it should buy and sell in it's backtest history.

However this is a way to circumvent this. An Expert advisor can code to use a symbol that is not the current symbol the expert advisor chart is attached to and make trades. So even if you have a custom symbol, it can still use the official data and you can't feed it the data you'd like.

For example if you use this code:


It will use the custom symbol,

But if you hardcode it to do this:


It will not use your custom EURUSD symbol.

I'd like a feature in the strategy tester that when an expert does this:


I can tell it that whenever it tries to quote EURUSD, it redirects to my custom symbol instead so these fraudsters can't win anymore.

They will have to use my data at my time and they won't know whether they should be buying or selling.