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Wrong iRSI?

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lorenzomia 2011.03.28 07:19 

Hi, I am very new to mql5 so I  apologize...

When I do something such as...

int rsi;
rsi = iRSI(_Symbol, PERIOD_H1, 21, PRICE_CLOSE);


The result is.. for example  10 ... however when I  go to the chart and add an RSI with the same values, the result is like 48 ... 

What am I doing wrong?

Also on a side question.. where is the output of printf going?  How can I see it ?

Thank you.

Slawa 2011.03.28 10:56  

First of all you should read documentation. Especially

iRSI just returns created indicator's handle

Documentation on MQL5: Technical Indicators
Technical Indicators - Documentation on MQL5
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