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Vladimir Karputov
Vladimir Karputov  
pablocode :

have you seen my video? (.zip file)

for the latests bars, those at the end of chart the values combine but at start of historical data NOT!

I kindly ask you to reread my last post and to analyze the files I have attached.

Thanks & Regards

I still don't understand - what exactly do you dislike? I showed an example of how to work with the indicator above.

Vladimir Karputov:

I still don't understand - what exactly do you dislike? I showed an example of how to work with the indicator above.

hi Vladimir, with Envelopes you were useful and i say thank you yet 

now let's go back to this discussion .. the problem is strange, I think it's a bug of the metaquotes functions

consists in the fact that in the same EAs i call VIDYA (Examples folder) and Variable Index Dynamic Average (Indicators / Trends folder) which should be the same functions but DO NOT RETURN THE SAME VALUES AND EVEN START FROM THE SAME POSITION ... even though they are configured in the same way (same parameters of CMO and EMA)

i attached your program modified with two Vidya configured params

so can you test by yourself

after a certain number of bars they line up but at the beginning they give very different values ​​and this I don't understand why

I can understand the different starting point of the plot on the graph because the iVIDYA functions start about 120 bars later .. but that they give different values ​​I don't understand

I am attaching some screenshots to show you where I find the problem, you have put images and gifs that give the values ​​of the most recent bars (from bar zero onwards) but the problem occurs in the oldest bars, at the beginning of the historical database

the problem is that this difference gives different results in genetic optimizations

problems to solve are:

1) how to avoid that the first values on the lastest bars ​​(the oldest to be clear, when it starts drawing on the chart) of the Variable Index Dynamic Average indicator (Indicators / Trend folder) ARE NOT INFINITE VALUES (because for high CMO and EMA these values ​​are present for thousands of bars) but are ZERO as the values ​​of the VIDYA function (Examples folder); screenshot n. 1

2) how to make the values ​​of the two functions iVidya and iCustom (vidya) coincide, i.e. of the two vidyas Variable Index Dynamic Average (Indicators / Trend folder) - VIDYA (Examples folder) always!!! 

not only in the most recent bars but immediately in a historical basis data also wide; screenshot 2..7

see attached file with screenshot

Now you have understood?

I spent more time preparing above the code of the problem presented and there is no one answer up?
Vladimir where are you so far?