Is there an EA which automatically enters trades at a given entry, SL and TP?

Hi everyone,

I am currently just getting interested in EAs 

Is there an EA available in the market already, as follows:

Opens a trade at a specified entry point, SL and TP, which the user sets manually
The EA then automatically reenters the exact same trade if the SL is hit, for a certain period of time eg one week

In other words, you place a trade, and if the stop loss is hit, the EA automatically places the same order again for every time the SL is hit,for a specified period of time?
hello,I'm lookling for a similar stuff,please to anyone who will figure this out ,Hit me up.....
You should look into the MarketPlace if there are similar products already built or posting a job in the Freelance section for making a developer to build that EA for you!